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Dr. Brenda Graham, PhD Executive Director, Pathway Counseling Center of Savannah, Inc

Gabe, PCOS Therapy Dod

Gabe is Dr. Brenda Graham's co-therapist for Animal Assisted Therapy at Pathway Counseling of Savannah, Inc (PCOS).

Dr Brenda Graham and Gabe

Dr. Brenda Graham, PhD and Gabe, her Havanese co-therapist!

Gabe Playing

Pathway Counseling Center of Savannah (PCOS) offers Animal Assisted Therapy for adults, children, and families.

Arno Profile System (APS)

Contact Dr. Brenda Graham to purchase your Personal, Child, Adolscent or Personnel Temperament Test, Report, Assessment, and Services.

NCCA Certified Academic Institution

Dr. Brenda Graham trains and supervises students preparing to earn their license and/or license and degrees in Christian Counseling.

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